Monday, January 21, 2008

Recipe for a cruddy monday morning...


1 school holiday
1 demanding 2-year-old
1 non-sharing 6-year-old
1 non-napping 1-year-old
28 fights over diecast cars
576 episodes of TiVo'd cartoons


Place all three children in living room. Turn on TiVo. Place 1-year-old in play-yard for own protection. Enjoy the 3 quiet minutes following to sew. Break up 28 fights over diecast cars. Calm down 28 temper tantrums. Attempt to put 1-year-old down for nap. After 10 minutes, realize that 1-year-old is not going to sleep. Return to play-yard.
Now, decide that maybe children will do better at Barnes and Noble than at home. Dress children and self. Get into minivan. Crank the portable DVD players. Say a quick prayer. Drive to Barnes and Noble with the knowledge that at least a Coffee Frappuccino awaits.

1 comment:

Sara said...

frappucino??!!?? can i come? ha!