Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dear Writers Guild of America,

Okay, I totally get that the producers are trying to rob you of your due on the sale of dvds or whatever, but, really, have some pity on the poor television addicts out here!

Instead of quality tv like The Office and Heroes, and the cute new Samantha Who? we are being hit with junk like Carrie and Bruno Dance War, Clash of the Choirs, and American Gladiator! American-freaking-Gladiator! The only good thing about that show is that it gives good material for the The Soup, which, thank goodness, continues to satisfy. The options are so bad that tonight's choice of programming consisted of watching the Fox News guys talk about the SC primary and a repeat Green Bay game. My TiVo guide is even so boring that I watched half of a repeat Dr. Phil episode! On a Saturday night!

I know that the lack of good television could be a good thing....I could use all that new found time to be productive. Sew, cook, clean, yadda yadda yadda. I do like to sew, and have actually cranked out several cute things this week, but there are just times when you want to veg in front of the tube with some wine and watch the Pam-and-Jim cuteness continue. But the cooking and cleaning part...well, I'll just stick with Dr. Phil.


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Sara said...

And can I just say that I'm soooo glad American Idol is on Tuesdays, so that we can watch it during Sewing Circle? yay! can't wait!