Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, yesterday was a pretty busy day for us. Picked up Christopher early from school for a dentist appointment concerning his crowding teeth....there was discussion of orthodontists and possibly "wiggling" some teeth out (don't you love how dentists have nice names for not-so-nice procedures?). Then on to a haircut for my little man who was starting to resemble a little woman. Christopher has recently been into styling his hair all funny after bath and wanting it to stay that way, so I told the hairstylist to style his hair. She put some sort of gum in it and made all messy on top and he loved it! The rest of the day, he kept telling me to not mess his hair up! Oh, goodness, do I have a metrosexual on my hands? Of course, this morning I had to style it for him again! He does look cute and grown up....I'll post a pic later!

Then it was on to a couple more errands and then home. My stepmother-in-law came over last night for her first sewing lesson and she did a great job! She even got a gift made for my father-in-law's birthday done! I think maybe the sewing bug has bitten her!

I have quite a couple of w.i.p.s in progress that I'm gonna share. First is a set of accessories for my kids' bathroom. They have a great shower curtain that has all sorts of big colored polka dots, and has been decorated with a construction theme, since my son was the first kiddo born. Well, now we have 2 girls also, so I wanted to make it more gender neutral while still using the same cute shower curtain. So, I got the idea to make accessories using the cute monkey fabric lines from Moda. A few fat quarters later, and we now have a new bathmat using the tute from Montessori-by-hand ...

And in the works for the wall is a small wall quilt using a crazy 9 patch design. I'm about halfway done sewing the binding on...

And also a do-again quilt for a certain little boy (again still need to handsew the binding)...

Also in the planning stages....

-embellished handtowels to match the monkey stuff

-matching aprons for Anneliese and me

-Easter dresses

-stuff for Valentine's Day

Plus a million other things swimming in my head!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Recipe for a cruddy monday morning...


1 school holiday
1 demanding 2-year-old
1 non-sharing 6-year-old
1 non-napping 1-year-old
28 fights over diecast cars
576 episodes of TiVo'd cartoons


Place all three children in living room. Turn on TiVo. Place 1-year-old in play-yard for own protection. Enjoy the 3 quiet minutes following to sew. Break up 28 fights over diecast cars. Calm down 28 temper tantrums. Attempt to put 1-year-old down for nap. After 10 minutes, realize that 1-year-old is not going to sleep. Return to play-yard.
Now, decide that maybe children will do better at Barnes and Noble than at home. Dress children and self. Get into minivan. Crank the portable DVD players. Say a quick prayer. Drive to Barnes and Noble with the knowledge that at least a Coffee Frappuccino awaits.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Brett's Birthday Bash

Today, we celebrated our youngest daughter's first birthday. Actually her birthday is December 28, but we decided to wait til all the Christmas hoopla was over to celebrate. Luckily, she didn't know the difference and didn't complain at all!

So, we decided on a butterfly theme for no other reason than the fact that there was nothing else I liked at Party City. But we made the most of it. I made a cute birthday cake, hung some tissue paper butterflies from the dining room light, and even made an adorable butterfly dress! My mom made some killer lasagna, and we had fun introducing the greatness that is the Wii to some friends and family while the kiddos ran around the house like crazy, getting into this and that.

I can't believe that she is already one! She has been the sweetest off all the babies. Always smiling with that cute little dimple in her cheek. She has cheerfully put up with all her sister's abuse, which has been frequent and unmericiful. She was also the first and only not to scream bloody murder when eating her first birthday cake. The other two freaked at having a mess on their hands, but she was content to stab at her little cake with a spoon while the rest of us ate the butterfly cake.

I know all too well that sweet babies can turn into demanding little 2 year olds (ahem...Anneliese), so I better treasure this time of wet kisses and sweet little baby babbling while I have it! So, Happy Birthday, my sweet little Mary Rose....I love you.

Dear Writers Guild of America,

Okay, I totally get that the producers are trying to rob you of your due on the sale of dvds or whatever, but, really, have some pity on the poor television addicts out here!

Instead of quality tv like The Office and Heroes, and the cute new Samantha Who? we are being hit with junk like Carrie and Bruno Dance War, Clash of the Choirs, and American Gladiator! American-freaking-Gladiator! The only good thing about that show is that it gives good material for the The Soup, which, thank goodness, continues to satisfy. The options are so bad that tonight's choice of programming consisted of watching the Fox News guys talk about the SC primary and a repeat Green Bay game. My TiVo guide is even so boring that I watched half of a repeat Dr. Phil episode! On a Saturday night!

I know that the lack of good television could be a good thing....I could use all that new found time to be productive. Sew, cook, clean, yadda yadda yadda. I do like to sew, and have actually cranked out several cute things this week, but there are just times when you want to veg in front of the tube with some wine and watch the Pam-and-Jim cuteness continue. But the cooking and cleaning part...well, I'll just stick with Dr. Phil.


Friday, January 18, 2008


Okay, even though I am pitifully computer-illiterate for someone of my generation, I decided that I wanted a little blog....somewhere to post my thoughts, creations, and stories about the goings on in our little home. Also, it is something else to occupy my time and use to avoid housework...It's a typical Friday in our house....TiVo playing, both me and my hubby on the computer, my mom sewing (yes, my mom lives with us),youngest daughter in her "pen" crying her eyes out b/c I won't hold her. Good times. Well, I guess that's it for now. Better hold the baby before she pukes from crying. Oh, and What Not to Wear is coming on too.